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Why study English in Wisconsin
Example 2-week course


Highlights of the course:
  • English and Country Life courses engage participants with two weeks of complete submersion into the English language and a country lifestyle in America.
  • You'll spend mornings learning practical English. These lessons will give you a better grasp of the English language and increase your understanding of the afternoon activities.
  • The afternoon activities focus on country-life skills, such as gardening, canoeing, and food processing, just to name a few.
  • In the evening, you'll return to your home-stay family, where you'll experience rural culture from the dining rooms of America.
  • Included in these exciting courses is a two-day, adventure camping trip. You'll enjoy canoeing, hiking and sightseeing!
  • Do it all amongst the beautiful, rolling hills of Wisconsin, surrounded by nature and sustainable agriculture, in America's leading organic county!
2010 Summer Schedule
-English & Country Life Courses-

Each session will be arranged on a custom basis any time between August 1 and October 1st

Unique seasonal features of August:

  • Wild blackberry picking (our favorite berry)
  • Just about every thing in the garden comes ripe!
  • Tomato cooking and canning
  • Summer squash harvest
  • Community Tobacco Harvest
  • Sweet corn season
  • Watermelon season
Unique seasonal features of September:
  • Apple picking
  • Great small town County Fair
  • Digging Potatoes
  • Early fall colors of dark green and hints of orange and red
  • winter squash harvest
  • fall water crest

English lessons:
          Our program is set up to get you speaking and comprehending conversational English quickly. When you participate in our "English and Country Life Courses", you'll notice improvement right away. You'll spend two hours, each class day, studying English with a certified English teacher. Class sizes don't exceeded four students, assuring every student the individual attention necessary.
          The content of our English classes is specifically designed to prepare you for afternoon activities. Afternoon activities capitalize on your freshly-learned vocabulary, involving you in seasonal, country-living activities: farming; gardening; canoeing; rural cooking; food processing; camping; and much more. 
          In the evenings, you'll be welcomed back to your home-stay families, where real language submersion happens. You'll discover your home-stay family's way of life, their culture, and their personalities. Through these relationships, your English language skills will be put into use, naturally!

          Activities are the key to our program. Energetic and adventurous, physically-active opportunities set us apart from other English schools. Our programming is interactive, educational, and fun! The English and Country Life Courses inherently base activities on country living, fun, and function. Participants learn about gardening, cooking, organic agriculture, food processing, and folk life. We'll go canoeing, camping, hiking, horse-back riding, and rock climbing - just to name a few possibilities. We will also enjoy relaxing activities like shopping, going out for music and attending farmers markets. Check out our
activities list for further information on our fun and exciting activities options!

Camping trip:
         In the second week of you're Stay here, we'll go for our big adventure camping trip! We'll head out Wednesday after morning English class, and spend Two days and one night camping at one of Wisconsin's many wonderful park. Wisconsin's vast forest and rolling hill make for great hiking, swimming, canoeing, building campfires, camp-cooking, and spending time together. After two fun days out under the big Blue sky we'll load up and head back to our home-stay families. They'll want to hear about our exciting adventures!

Home-stay families, transportation and meals:
          Home-stay is an awesome experience! You'll live and participate in the American way of life. Home-stay is proven to accelerate your ability to learn a foreign language. Home-stay provides unique insights to the culture of a household. Our program is based in a rural environment, so your home-stay families reside in small towns or on local farms. You're family is selected to fit you, specifically! While living with your home-stay family you'll join them in their daily activities. You'll be provided with a private bedroom. You'll also enjoy breakfast and dinner with your home-stay family. You'll be responsible for buying your own lunch - there are wonderful eating choices in the town of Viroqua. Participating as consumers will help you exercise your English comprehension. You won't have to spend money on transportation! The Little Country School van will pick you up and bring you to town. In town, you'll attend class and eat lunch with the rest of the students. After lunch, it's afternoon activities! When the day draws to a close, we'll bring you back to your home-stay families where you can relax, laugh, and talk about another exciting day with the Little Country School!
Why study English in Viroqua, Wisconsin?
          We base our program in rural Wisconsin, where people speak slowly and are super-friendly, where home-stay families live in quaint, peaceful country homes and where the rolling hills and winding rivers make for infinite outdoor adventure. Wisconsin also leads the USA in high standards for education. In fact, Viroqua has the most private schools of any small rural community in America! People value education here. When you visit this small agricultural community through the Little Country School, you're stepping way off of the tourist trail and into a real American community.
About our location!

         You will NOT need a Student Visa to attend our study-tours. Our English and Country Life courses fall into the category of "Tourist Activities". So come on over with the ease of a tourist visa.    


Example 2 week study tour


Keiko's English & Contry Life Course

Length of stay: 2-weeks
Country home-stay style: nice couple located in the small town of Viroqua
Transportation: Came from Japan by plane. she flew into the La Crosse airport where we picked her up.

We took Keiko to meet her friendly country home-stay family. They where very nice and tried hard to talk slow with her. keiko felt comfortable right away.

Keiko Started her English lessons the next morning. Her teacher has tought english and spanish all over the world and lived in sweeden for 5 years. they had a lot of fun right away. it was summer and the weather was great for having class out side! her first lesson would of been all about words and phrases she would need in her home-stay. Our English Classes are all focuesed around helping you learn the nessasary English to enjoy your trip more.

In her English classes she learned cooking vocabulary so that she could attend and understand cooking classes with a local farmer and cheif. The cheif Anne Marie also taught her a few new words on the black board. then they headed out to the garnden to pick the ingredents fresh from the farm! Today they picked wild Blackberrys to make Pie!                 

Keiko's first "Outdoor Adventure" activity was canoeing! We canoed down the Kickapoo river! The Kickapoo river is the windiest river in America and has beautiful old cliffs on either side. it winds genitally down the lush green Kickapoo Valley! Keiko's canoe flipped over and she got all wet, it was fun!             

She also got to go to a local organic vegetable farm to learn about farming! Keiko dug up carrots!

We let her drive the tractor, but she was happy just to sit on it for a photo.

Keiko's next activity was candle making. 
We used local bees wax and melted it down. then we decorated the candles with pressed flowers.

Camping Trip

Keiko had a 2 night and 3 day camping trip, this year we are taking everyone on 1 night and 2 day camping trips.

Keiko enjoyed Devils Lake State Park. We arrived in the evaning after her morning English lesson. It looked like it might rain so we quickly set up camp. luckly it never rained and we had a great dinner that we cooked on the camp fire.  

We all went for Rockclimbing that next day! Bill was our rock climbing guide and taught us all how to use the equipment. then we spent the day climbing all sorts of differn't rocks, all of which had a great view.

the fallowing day We took Keiko to Wisconsin's capital city Madison for farmers market! The capital is a beautiful building.

After 2 exciting weeks in Wisconsin Keiko completed her English & Country Life Course with flying colors! she was a great student and participant. thanks for coming Keiko!