The Little Country School sits among the rolling hills of Wisconsin, USA. People here find strength in working with the land. Using skills lost to modernity, these caring families find providence through local living and organic farming - carving a sustainable future.

A uniquely organic area -
Beautiful rolling hills, snake-like wandering rivers, crystal-blue skies, and rich, black soil. Wisconsin's southwest corner is the heart of America's organic agriculture. Home to the world's largest, farmer-owned organic food cooperative, the region boasts the most organic farms per county capita than anywhere in the USA. Family farms produce dairy products, vegetables, apples, beef, poultry, pork, wine, tobacco, flowers, maple syrup - a sustainable cornucopia!

Organic is a way of life here. Many families grow their own food, hunt wild deer, fish the grade-A trout streams, heat their homes with sustainably-harvested wood, tap maple trees for syrup, and work with the bees for gathering honey.  From sweetening desserts to keeping their loved ones safe and warm, these pioneers for change are rejuvenating pride in Mother Earth.

Viroqua: the heartbeat village -

The central village in this area reflects its surroundings, offering farmers markets, local coops, and restaurants - a haven for regional foods! Viroqua is a cultural center with local artisan stores and shops scattered up and down an old-fashioned downtown. Entertainment venues are surprisingly good - open mics and local bands keep the pulse beating. The art scene splashes the village with homespun beauty, scattered throughout the countryside in little studios and crafts shops. Nowhere else will you find collaborative quilting shops where local Hmong (originally from Vietnam) and Amish (historical living communities) combine their traditional crafting skills. Vision - here - is eclectic, graceful, and diverse.

The Driftless adventure -
When the glaciers pushed through two million years ago, they simply went around this area, leaving behind a beautiful region at the top of the Mississippi called the "Driftless Area." Deeply-carved valleys and sloping bedrock summits create an outdoor-adventure dream location. Mountain bikers, skiers, horse riders, hikers, canoers, kayakers, rock climbers, motorcyclers, ATV trail riders and nature lovers flock to the area all year round to enjoy the unique and stunning landscapes.