Farm-stay & Country Life Activities

Come and join us!


Experience America's Country Life!  
  • Exchange culture and conversation with your Farm stay family. 
  • Get your hands dirty digging in the soil and working with the land. 
  • Join other participants for exciting “Country Life Activities” like camping, canoeing, country cooking and horse back riding.
Course Overview-          
       We will pick you up from the airport, bus station, or train station and deliver you to your Farm-stay family. You’ll spend most of your time engaged with your farm family on the farm. Twice a week we will pick you and the other participants up from their farms. We will all head off for a fun Country Life Activity together like hiking, farm touring or pie making. On your departure date, we will deliver you back to the airport, bus station or train station.

       Farm-stays are similar to Home-stays in the fact that you stay with a family and participate in the day-to-day activities of your host family. Only farm stays are located on a farms, where life is slow fun and physical. You’ll pass the days engaged with your host family in activities like gardening, milking cows, feeding animals, collecting eggs, picking vegetables or maybe you’ll do a town run or attend a community. Although farmers work all the time, you will not be expected to keep pace. You can work as much or as little as you want. The farm-stay families all understand that you are there to experience the country life not be free labor. Your host family will provide 3 meals a day and a private bedroom. It’s polite to keep similar hours as your host family and attend all meals. Farm-stays are great opportunities really get submerged into the culture of American hart land
Country Life Activities               
       Join others for energetic, adventurous and educational hands-on activities focused on country living skills and outdoor fun! We will pick up all the participants in The Little Country School van and embark on activities like camping, canoeing, country cooking and horse back riding. Check out a full list of options here at our Activities List. Typically we choose the activities by which ones will fit the season best. If you see an activity that you really want to do make sure and inform us before you come so we can try and arrange it. Two Activities from door to door per week are included in the price. Extra Activities (more then 2 per week) can be arranged.


Minami's Farm-stay & Country Life Activites

Length of stay:
Farm-stay style: Organic vegetable and chicken farm
Transportation: Came from Portland Oregon by train (Amtrak) to La Crosse Wisconsin.

Minami stayed on a family farm with three generations present, Grandma, Mom and Daughter. The Daughter of her family was exactly the same age as her so they had lots of fun hanging out together.

Minami enjoyed helping out on the day to day farm activities like collecting eggs from the chickens and gardening! She was visiting in the middle of summer so the garden was full of goodies to pick and full of weeds to pull. 

Her host family took her to the neighbors house to see miniature horses! they are so small and so cute! they ran all over the yard and jumped and bucked a lot!

Also she happened to be at her host families house for their annual Neigborhood New Potato Party! every one gets together and eats new potatoes with cheese melted on top till their harts delight. Then we made samores, where you melt marshmellows over a fire then eat them between two gramcrackers with chocolate, which is an american summer clasic. The New Potatoe Party is a great local tradition that Minami got to attend.

She also attened some Country Life Activities! 

When the tempiture is HOT we like to take people tubing down a local river called the Badaxe. it's tons of fun! Minami said it was one of the funnest things she had ever done!

She also had a bread making class with a local backer. They made country style multi grain bread from scratch. look at the beutiful bread she made! it was delishous!

We enjoyed connecting Minami with such a great family and wonderful country life experiance!

2-weeks of Farm-stay & Country Life Activities - Contact Us for a Price

  • Pick up and drop off from La Crosse airport (lse), La Crosse train station (Amtrak) or the Viroqua Bus stop (Jefferson lines).
  • Farm-stay - furnished bedroom
  • Farn-stay - 3 meals  per day at the hours chosen by your host family on all the day's that you are at your host farm.
  • 4 Country Life Activities like camping, country cooking, canoeing, etc. 
  • All Materials for Country Life Activities, like ingredients for a cooking class.
  • Registration Fee
  • Emergency Support and an emergency phone number
  • Sleeping bag for the camping trip
  • Snacks and Lunches on the 4 activities days
  • Air and all other transportation cost to the La Crosse airport (includes any cost you acquired before you arrive at the La Crosse airport)
  • Any personal expense and transfer during free time.
  • Travel insurance (required)